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Our research disciplines include fundamental research, quantitative research, economic research and technical forecasting. Our team of analysts develop tools to increase the likelihood of clients’ success. We believe that research is essential to delivering better outcomes for clients. Excellence in research is the core objective of our sell-side research unit.

Research has been an important part of our proud past performance and will be a key source of our continued growth in the future. Our research is fully equipped with an up-to-date and comprehensive library including Bloomberg services.

The research coverage extends over 30 companies (these may include existing clients of our company) listed on the KSE-100 across major sectors as well as leading commodities traded on the commodity exchange. Our research products are published encapsulating the scope of various economic changes, company profitability and industry performance. These include:

  • 1. Day Break: IGI’s daily publication keeping an investigative eye on news on the corporate, economic and political front.

  • 2. Equity Research: In depth individual, thematic, and sectoral reports spanning across major sectors.

  • 3. Economy and Strategy: Annual Strategy, Monthly and Quarterly Economic reviews, Monetary Policy preview and reviews, Federal Budget preview and reviews.

  • 4. Commodity Outlook: IGI’s daily paper on commodities. Covering fundamental impacting news & views, technical as well as recommendations on Gold, Silver & Crude Oil.

Our company has the policy of distributing its research reports in a simultaneous manner to all class of its clients that are entitled to receive the research report.

Team Members

  • Saad Khan - Head of Research
  • Abdullah Farhan - Senior Analyst
  • Suleman Ashraf - Analyst
  • Muhammad Saad - Analyst
  • Bharat Kishore - Database

Research Reports

  • Day Break
  • Flash Note
  • Investor Kit
  • Commodity Outlook
  • Fund Select

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